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“Music-on-the-Go” is an adaptable musical experience that caters to each school or organization’s unique needs. Comprised of Berklee College of Music faculty members, its overarching goal is to promote musical outreach to communities that would like to supplement existing art enrichment programs. With the assistance of experienced facilitators, audience members explore artistry from many perspectives through this program. Students reflect upon their own creativity while observing the techniques and skills of the musicians themselves. In addition, students consider the role of the artist in society today. All topics are covered with humor and audience participation.  


Instrumentation always includes piano, bass, drum and voice; other instruments can be added at additional cost. Presentations are a mixture of performance, lecture and interactive activities. Students will enjoy being active participants in musical collaborations with the faculty. “Music-on-the-Go” provides an affordable means by which to inspire, educate and promote the musical arts to kids of all ages.  

 Kaye Kelly 
Founder’s Notes 

 I consider some of my earliest memories from arts enrichment programs transformative. The seed of “musician” was planted in my head at a very early age from exposure to a pianist and singer who visited my elementary school annually. In my own community I see so many young kids with no or little exposure to the arts in general.  I am hoping to bridge a gap within our current educational system by creating and sustaining "Music-on-the-Go".


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